Monday, March 31, 2008

Our new puppy!

So, we are bringing a new baby girl home to our family! We decided to get a puggle, and went to meet her yesterday, up at the home of the breeder. Right now, she is 5 weeks old, weighing about 2lbs. When we bring her home, on April 19th, she will probably be around 4lbs. Lexi is HEAD over HEELS in love with her....and wants to name her Anna, but I'm trying to change her mind on that,lol!
I love this picture, its as though Anna is already saying 'enough pictures, lady'...

Sooo...I'm sure you will be seeing 'Anna's ' first true photo session in a few weeks, when we bring her home!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little Miss Tailey!

We went over to Hailey's house for a playdate today, as she had her friend Tailey over all day. Hailey refused to have her picture taken, Miss Tailey stepped up to the plate!

I love how Tailey is looking at Hailey in this picture...

Sooo...we didn't manage to get much of Miss Hailey, as she was not into getting her picture taken, but we got some cute shots of her best best bud Tailey!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hailey's Easter Pictures

Went over to Miss Hailey's house today for a visit, and she was soooo not into having her picture taken! We got a couple of cute ones, but are hoping for some better ones tomorrow morning!

The big wide eyed stare...

This is how she really felt about the whole picture taking thing...

Sooo...Miss Hailey, we will be seeing you for a playdate tomorrow, and hopefully you will be in picture taking mode!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Just a quick little...
Happy St. Patrick's Day from my girls!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Easter Girls!

My Easter girls together! Olivia was less than cooperative, lol...not wanting to be posed, and not wanting Lexi to touch her whatsover...but I got some cute shots!

I love how blissfully unaware Lexi is of Olivia's 'cheese' face!

My next feat is to got dressy pictures of Miss Olivia by herself!

The timeline...

The growing belly.....timeline! First I'll do the 8week shot...side by side with one done on Monday, at 20 weeks preggo...the baby is starting to **pop** a little!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My little bunny foo foo.... there may be therapy in her future, but I couldn't resist the cuteness!!!

Perhaps I'll do some nice photo's of her alone, in her dress, like her big sister next!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Easter picture time!

I did some Easter pictures of my Lexi girl today....she was in a cooperative mood! Just some practice Easter shots, before I shoot both girls tomorrow!

I'm not quite sure what the waving is all about in the next 2 pictures, I think it was the gloves, lol, and her feeling the need to **wave**!

Sooo...tomorrow I'm going to try to do BOTH girls together, and hopefully get at least one **keeper** of a shot!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A few more of Hailey and the cake.....

Going through some more of Hailey's cake pictures, and laughing at all of her expressions!

And 2 more that I've gone through that are 'pre' cake!

Its a beautiful, HEALTHY baby girl!

We found out on Thursday we'll be having another beautiful baby girl! Lexi was a little bummed at first, as she wanted a brother....but now she's excited!

She's looking at the camera and waving...awww, she already knows how to pose for her momma!

Sucking her thumb...

We cannot wait to meet you, sweet baby girl!

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