Friday, August 28, 2015


The kids got off the bus today and ran for the pool!  Pool time is going to be coming to an end they're enjoying it as much as they can!!


My Lexi girl started TENTH grade!!  I cannot wrap my head around the fact that she's already in her 2nd year of high school.   She's so super all honors classes....with a heart of gold...I'm so proud of who she is!!


Jace is giddy to have me to himself in the afternoon...

He yelled at Bella that!! We were laughing as he kicked his legs and yelled at her...


Ty's first day of Kindergarten

Ty had his first day of kindergarten!! I can't believe my baby boy is going to school!!! **SOB**

Jace and I followed the bus to school to watch Ty come off the bus!!

Nervous face!! was a GREAT day.....Ty LOVES it!!

First Day

First day of school!! Not sure how it happened so fast, but the summer is OVER!! Olivia is in the fourth....and Bella in the second....they are getting SO big!!

Bella was completely unable to make a normal face....she was ridiculously excited that Keira is at her school this year!!

Bella was so excited running off the bus...haha...I didn't get a shot of Olivia, because Bella fell right after this...

Its going to be a FANTASTIC year!! A little comparison to see how much they've grown in one year...EEK!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Trick o' Treat

Camp trick or treat time!! A perfect, beautiful day spent swimming in the lake (on the jet ski for Lex)...going for golf cart rides....trick or treating.....and relaxing by the fire...

Trick or treat!!

It was a FANTASTIC day!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Floor time

Jace is starting to finally enjoy floor time! Now when I put him on his play mat, he'll kick his feet and bat at toys....

Saturday, August 15, 2015


This little guy LOVES the outdoors!! If he's fussy and crabbing, all we have to do is go outside.....his favorite thing? Lying in the grass looking up at the happy to be outside!!

Friday, August 14, 2015


My Lexi girl got her 'back to school' haircut today. Gosh, she's so beautiful....but...looks WAY too grown up!


My good friends drove all the way from Vermont so I could take Alaina's senior pictures! Was super nervous the weather wasn't going to cooperate, but it turned out to be PERFECT! Here's a little sampling....isn't she gorgeous??

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