Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another surgery....

Lexi's been recovering from her surgery last week, slowly and its been rough. Yesterday afternoon, she was taking a little nap, and woke up sobbing. I asked her repeatedly 'whats wrong', and she kept saying 'its nothing, its nothing', and then suddenly, blood started pouring out of her mouth. I rushed her to the ER, per her surgeon's orders, and they took us up to the Operating room right away. Lexi had developed a blood clot in her throat, and they needed to take care of it right away. We ended up needing to stay overnight in the hospital, after her surgery.....and she did wonderfully. She was very brave and strong, and I'm so proud of her. Keith brought me my camera in the morning, so I had to get a few pictures, of course.

She was happy to see that her bandage on her hand was a hot pink color, the same as her cast that she had earlier in the year....

Lexi was MUCH happier once we were able to go to the 'Children's room' at the hospital, so she could sit on the sofa and watch movies, while Olivia tore the room apart....

Lexi was drinking alot, as the nurse told her she would not be able to go home if she was not hydrating. And now we are home, Lexi is resting alot, and looking forward to going to school next week. Hopefully we are on the mend, and that everything heals smoothly from here on in.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Surgery day...

Lexi had her tonsils and adenoids out yesterday. She was a trooper, and so brave.

She didn't want me peeking at her cute little butt sticking out of her johnie...

Nana and Papa met us at the hospital before the surgery, giving us both lots of love and comfort...

Then they came in, to prepare Lexi for surgery. I was able to go with her into the O.R., and stayed with her until she was completely asleep.

Wow. Thats all I can say. It was AWFUL. They warned me that it would be harder for me, that she would flop back and her eyes would roll back into her head, and she'd be asleep. Thats not what happened. They asked her who she wanted to hold the mask over her face, and she said me. So, I held it. She kept saying 'am I done' over and over, her eyes would roll back, and then they'd open, darting around the room. Then she started thrashing, kicking swinging her arms....they had to hold her down. Her neck tensed up, her jaw was clenched, and yet she was out. She fought it, it took awhile....but she was finally out. When I left the room, her face was all red, and she was stiff as a board, with her jaw still clenched. They said that sometimes this happens, the person fights it...Lexi was just 'a little wilder' than most, and she fought it.

She woke up VERY rough from the anesthesia....kicking and screaming. It was scary, and crazy. Her eyes were glassy and darting around, pupils was AWFUL. Once she was completely woken up, the nurses had me climb into bed with her, feeding her freeze pops.

And now sweet little Lexi is recovering. She woke up a really rough today, not doing so well, with a fever, and very hard to swallow but the healing is beginning (I hope!), and she is spending the day sleeping the pain away on the sofa.
Speedy recovery to you, my sweet baby girl.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Me and my girls!

I decided to take some pictures of my girls and I this week! The first 2 are of Olivia taking some steps, as she learns the whole walking thing! The rest are the girls and I, just having a little fun!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The cousins...

The cousins, bonding....laughing....having a whole ton of fun! Shannon was out for 2 weeks, and the girls had to get a whole lot of memories crammed into a short time!

We miss you Shannon!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Miss Shannon paid us a visit!

Miss Shannon came to visit for 2 weeks from South Dakota! We had so, so much fun with her!

Beautiful cousins Lexi and Shannon....bonding, loving each other up!

Miss Shannon is the PERFECT model for me to take pictures of!

Shannon and Nana striking a pose for the camera!

We LOVE you and MISS you, Shannon!

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