Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The school asked the kids to wear either pink or grey today, to support Ava. Ava is a sweet 7 year old little girl who lives in our town, who is currently fighting glioblastoma brain cancer. 


Someone got his summer haircut today....

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Web shooting

Someone is a little Spiderman obsessed!
Web shooting with his fingers....although in the first one, he looks like he's rocking out, lol!

Family Picnic

The girls had family picnic at their school....it was SUPER hot out,and Jace was not loving the heat, so I really didn't take pictures! The boys and I picked up some McDonalds for them, and hung out at their school for almost 2 hours!!  

See this grumpy face??


Bella had her 'Author's Tea' at her school! She had 2 invitations, so she invited myself, and her Uncle Dan!  The kids each read 2 of their poems...it was super cute!
You can hardly hear Bella in this.....

...and with her amazing teacher...Mrs. Ganley has had Lexi, Olivia, and now Bella in her class....I hope she has Ty and Jace, too!!

Slip and slide

Our pool is not quite ready yet...so when its super hot, its slip and slide time!!

We celebrated Aiden's birthday!! It was a SUPER hot day....and we came home with some pretty tired kiddos (although we came home Ty-less, as he slept over Aiden's!!) It was a GREAT party!!

Salem Willows

We brought the kids to Salem WIllows today....it was such a FUN day!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Haha...Jace looks a little unsure of his driver...

Field Hockey

Olivia is really enjoying learning how to play field hockey! I'm so happy that I convinced her to try it!!

Monday, May 23, 2016


The kids played a game of outdoor Twister...so many giggles....

...not sure how Taylor looks so comfortable (when Bella is clearly dying, and Ty is possibly passed out)...haha...

Wild child

Field day

The kids had field day at school! Ty, Jace, and I went to the school for about an hour in the morning to watch the girls....

We came home for lunch, and then off to school Ty went! Jace and I headed over to watch the tug of war....

The weather was beautiful....the kids had SO much fun!

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