Sunday, May 31, 2015


My 5 babies!! Its a constant battle in the house over who is going to hold Jace. From the moment they wake up, they want to hold him...the second they walk in the door after school. They are SO in love...

Can you see how giddy she is?? Bella is baby OBSESSED!!

Olivia and Bella gave me ONE Daddy had come home and they wanted to go in the they assured me we are getting more of them with Jace this week!!


Our pool is open!! The kids are so excited to have it open and ready (even if it is FREEZING)!!

AND...Ty hung out on the deck, he will NOT go in the pool...ugh!! He's not sad about it, lol...


We went to a cookout at our had SO much fun!!

Olivia's good friend Kiara....LOVE her hair...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Just a quickie photo of my Jace today!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Did some awake pictures of my handsome little Jace today! He was so alert this morning, so I took advantage of it!

He's got this cute little dimple when he gives a smile...I can't wait to see his FULL real smile!


I haven't taken a ton of pictures of my little man yet! Hoping to do more this week....I just love, love love his little face! I sort of missed my 10 day window after he was born, due to being in the NICU, but he's letting me do his pictures the best he can, lol!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jace Philip

Jace Philip Partridge was born on May 6th, 2015!  Due to my fluid being low, I was induced 4 weeks early, so he was 36 weeks!

He weighed in at 7lbs 12oz, and was 21 inches long (the doctors told me he most likely would've been 11 lbs if he was full term). Lexi (and Nana) got to be in the room to 'help' with the birth (Lexi held a leg...ack....she was supposed to be up my head), and Daddy cut the cord. We didn't get many pictures because he came fast, and was whisked away by the NICU team. Even though Jace was the size of a full term baby, his lungs were not. Once in the NICU he was hooked up to a CPAP machine...

When the kids came in the morning, he was off of the CPAP, but still had his leads and his IV going...

They were sad that they couldn't hold him, but LOVED meeting him...

He went back on the CPAP around 3am the next morning, for another day or 2 (so traumatic seeing him with all the tubes). As soon as he came off the CPAP, his bili levels got too under the lights he went....

After being under the lights for 2 days, the main objective was to get him eating and gaining, so the feeding tube could be removed. The kids came on Mother's Day for a visit

We were there for 13 days.....I never left the hospital once. Most of my time was spent holding him...

I took about a bazillion pictures with my phone, as I very rarely brought my camera in where he was. This was our home for 13 days....I didn't get pictures with his earlier 'bed', that he was in for the majority of the time....the warmer. He graduated to his bed after his feeding tube came out. The kids colored pictures every time they came for a visit to hang up for Jace to see...

If I never hear the 'ding ding dings' from this machine again, it will be too soon...

Where I would rest, and kept my things...

Jace's nurses were AMAZING. They were so filled with love, and so gentle and was easy to become attached. My most favorite nurse, Claire, was not supposed to be in on our discharge day, but ended up there....

...she not only took care of Jace, but she was always there for me, as well. Love her.

So now we are home....THANK GOODNESS...and adjusting to life! Had a pedi appointment on Wed, and the visiting nurse came yesterday, and Jace is doing fantastic. He is just about 8 lbs, and perfect in every way. Welcome to our crazy family, Jace!!

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