Sunday, May 6, 2012


The sun came out for soccer today (woohoo)! Bella's game was first....she's so funny. Let's just say, she is very easily distracted, lol! BUT...she has a ton of fun while she's playing, and that's all that matters...
And then it was time for Bella to sit and relax, to watch Olivia's game (and pretend she's pregnant, lol)...
And then it was Olivia's turn! Olivia scored 3 goals this week...she's quite the aggressive soccer player! About to score...
....and then immediately looking for me, proud grin on her face, making sure I saw...
Ty didn't sleep through soccer this week, lol! He was far too busy being chased and running with his buddy, Michelle (who did maul him at one point, lol)...


Kristal May 6, 2012 at 9:27 PM  

I just love little people playing soccer they are so cute!

Um... poor Ty!! When Ms. A was little she had a friend that was a boy and bigger than her. When we would go to play with them he would SIT ON HER. We would hear this quiet crying and sure enough... he wasn't trying to hurt her, but with two older brothers it was how he played!

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