Friday, May 1, 2009

Bella boo and her bump.

Soooo...last Wednesday, on April 22nd, Bella fell of my bed. My king sized, pillow top mattress (so its even higher) bed, onto the hardwood floor, apparently landing on her head. She screamed immediately, and threw up. I rushed her to the doctor....and then they sent us to the hospital for a cat scan, which came back normal. Bells was left with a good bruise in the middle of her forehead, and seemed fine, otherwise.

By Friday, Bella had a bump on the side of her head that hadn't been there since her fall....

Bella's bump was growing, and by Sunday, it was bulging, and back to the hospital we went. After a repeat CAT scan, Holy Family Hospital sent us to Children's Hospital in Boston....the doctors were concerned that Bella had Cerebral Spinal Fluid leaking from her soft spot, since the bump started at the tip of her soft spot. We went to Children's....were admitted, and Bella was looked at by dozens of doctors, mainly neurosurgeons. Momma slept in the crib with her, and she was sweet and smiley throughout the entire ordeal, being poked and prodded, woken up through the night. The nurses fell in love with her.

Thankfully, it turns out that it is a hematoma, and will reabosrb into her body. The doctors did not want to drain it, as they feared that if they opened it at all, that it would cause it to bleed more.
Excuse the pictures, they were taken with my cell phone, as its all that I had...

And we came home from the hospital, thank goodness...

The bump on Wednesday, at the beach (and Bells is NOT a fan of the beach)...

The bump on Thursday...gone down...

And this is Bella this evening, the bump has gone down a bit...but has a waaaaaaays to go....

Sooo...we are waiting for the bump to now disappear, but according to the doctors, it could take weeks, or in the meantime, we have to make sure she doesn't re-bump it, because apparently if it re-opens, the amount of blood that she would lose would be please Bells, do NOT bump it!


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