Thursday, December 13, 2012


My baby boy got tubes in his ears this morning. I had all intentions of getting pictures of him in his cute little johnnie....BUT...he needed me to be mommy this morning, and hold him, and love him, and comfort him. I am hoping that he has some relief, now. The doctor said ALOT of fluid came out, as well as some pus, so he did have an active ear infection. He said that Ty should feel instant relief with the tubes. He was such a GOOD boy. He let me bring him in, lie him down on the operating table, let the nurses attach his EKG stickers, let them strap him down...without any tears. He panicked when the anesthesiologist put the mask over his face, and watching him go to sleep in a panic broke my heart. 15 minutes later, they were bringing me to him in recovery...where he was crying a little, but as soon as they put him on my lap, his tears stopped. My brave boy....they all went on and on about how sweet he is.
He even kept the cotton in his ears for awhile!
The worst part for Ty was taking the EKG sticky things off his was like glue on him!!
I'm so proud of him...and am hoping he no longer has to suffer from constant ear infections!!


Kristal December 14, 2012 at 4:04 PM  

Poor Ty - but praying they bring him relief!

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